Neglected trolley! Bloody Woolies!

Earley spring… a trolley appears!

After looking at one of Woolworths’ runaways on the footpath outside for 2 weeks, I reported it late-September ish. 

Overnight it was moved ….across the road!

October 27

FOUR   WEEKS LATER    October 27

Bloody Wooloworths. Corporate citizen, my hat!  The trolley has been around for 6 weeks.

I reported the co-ordinates 4 weeks ago to the main desk. The supermarket is only 1250 metres away!

Neutral Bay. Said to be their biggest store for yonks.

I’d push it uphill but the bag-lady visuals put me off.’

World record for the longest ignored trolley?

Nov 13… keeping track

OK. We’re going for that record….nineth week now.. November 13.

Time to note specifics.

It’s still there with only slightly more rubbish in it and someone has taken the trouble to turn it around.

Strange (not) that North Sydney Council  rangers who seem to  book cars at 10pm, have not noticed it?

Wonder how the people who just paid AUS$4mill for an apartment behind the stone fence feel about it?

Probably less fazed than they do about the portaloo and pipes which appeared on the footpath 2 weeks ago.

Nice little visual OR will Dr Who appear at any moment?

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