Berlin 7 – street art…..September 2014

I know, I know, six should be enough blogs so this is a short one!

I just couldn’t leave Berlin without posting some of the street art and graffiti Some of them might be well known but some are a changing feast.

Just as anarchist/left wing Berlin has a real presence but is slowly shrinking so too, street art is said to be dwindling.

The main examples I saw were in Prinzlauer Berg and Hackesche Hof (where I also went to the Cabaret). They covered the gamut from spray painting to paper cutouts to stencils to throw ups. In Hackesche Hof I watched an artist take great care when removing and replacing a work

But here I will just post some of my favourites so that I remember them and the odd friend might enjoy!2014-09-11 22.05.40-1

2014-09-16 22.43.492014-09-16 22.36.55

2014-09-16 16.05.15

2014-09-16 14.39.422014-09-16 15.56.592014-09-13 03.29.48

2014-09-16 21.01.172014-09-13 03.28.27

2014-09-17 00.48.51

2014-09-16 22.23.20

2014-09-17 00.53.44


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2 responses to “Berlin 7 – street art…..September 2014

  1. Great post and I love the graffiti ❤

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