Spain 1- It starts at the airport…… 2011

At Sydney airport Air New Zealand has one of the classier lounges. A hot dog stand offers their culinary excellence.

Madrid is a long way from Mascot. The insurance funded group accompanying the man with the oxygen machine doesn’t add to the glamour of the pointy end. They all sleep. I don’t: someone has to worry for him.


It’s summer in Spain. Tapas bars swing into the night; cafes sprawl the plaza. Puerta del Sol is a camping ground. Tents, stalls, recycled sculptures, signs promoting causes from immigration to animal rights. The young are out in gentle determination. Last week the world heard it was about elections and unemployment but this is more. It is about a new vision of the world – environmentally sound, humanitarian.

Go  the young!

They moved in, in a serious fashion

Lots of talk about gay rights, humanism, animal rights

Recycling is one of the tasks of the new world order!

A quick trip to the wonderful Prado. Too overwhelming for more than a few favorites…..The Graces, the Infanta, and the wondrous Bosch. First time at the Von Thysson. “The best of the minors and the minors of the best.”

Spanish train to Cordoba, under 2 hours for  over 300ks.  They even hand out earphones and magazines…….shame Australian transport authorities, shame.

The Spanish have fast trains and really smart cleaning crews

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June 19, 2013 · 11:14 am

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