London 5 – Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square……2011

Last day in London

What a rich and grand time I have had in London. Today I tried to shop but could find nothing in the Harvey Nic’s  or Harrods’ sales.

Police lines eye off the peace demonstraters who had nothing to do with the spending cuts demos.

More interesting were the double rows of police ringing Parliament House and the 12 vans of police parked along Westminster Bridge one and a half hours after the demonstration had finished. I even got a tall copper to take a picture of the ranks for me because I am too short.

Then gracious Abi took me to dinner at the Savoy Grill and off to see Dominic West play a shambling academic, Butley, at the Duchess. What an actor, from The Wire to this.

Am I lucky or what?

Last night when I came home I saw a fox wandering along the Southbank. Amazing. And the sushi chefs at the local Yo Sushi are both Pakistani. Good cross cultural snapshot.

The last challenge is to catch the plane to morrow.

Friday 1 July

Airport lounge free wifi (pointy end again). I have made it this far. Tired after the kind of restless night one always has trying to make sure you wake in time.

I still wonder why I have been doing a blog but hey, I’ve seen so much and had so many experiences, what a great way for me to recall them. Perhaps people write blogs for themselves, to order busy minds, to try and store the back files. It will be good when I put the pictures in. Perhaps it’s a whole new way of managing the mind.

I hope my travels have afforded someone a moment’s pleasure. But I am going to keep going until I start to write again. Bless anyone who had the interest to read.

Life is sometimes a bowl of flowers

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One response to “London 5 – Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square……2011

  1. Keith Jackson

    Game Old Dame indeed. Like the words. Like the pix. Like the personal take. A blog well done!

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